Elegant Mix Rose Bouquet

899 899 (Inclusive of GST)

Product Details: 15pc mix roses

Experience a burst of nature's diversity with our Mixed Rose Bouquet. This lively arrangement combines a variety of colors, from delicate pinks and passionate reds to sunny yellows and pure whites. Each rose represents a unique sentiment - love, admiration, friendship, and purity. The harmonious blend of different hues creates a captivating visual display that brightens any space. With a sweet and delicate fragrance, these fresh roses elevate any occasion, whether it's for a loved one, a friend, or a family member. Celebrate the multifaceted beauty of life with this vibrant bouquet that's both stunning and heartfelt.

Note: Photo shown here is for idea only. Actual shipment may not be exactly same, flower bouquet design and cake icing may some vary.


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