veg Red Rose Bouquet With Cadbury Chocolate

999 999 (Inclusive of GST)

Product Details: 10 pcs Red Rose Bouquet, 5 pcs Cadbury Dairy Milk each pack 52gm

A red rose bouquet with Cadbury chocolate is a classic and delightful gift choice. This romantic arrangement typically features a dozen or more deep red roses, symbolizing love and passion. Alongside the beautiful roses, you'll find a selection of delectable Cadbury chocolates, which add a sweet and indulgent touch to the gift. The combination of the elegant red roses and the mouthwatering chocolates makes for a thoughtful and affectionate gesture, suitable for special occasions like anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or to express your love and appreciation to someone special. It's a perfect blend of beauty and sweetness.

Note: Photo shown here is for idea only. Actual shipment may not be exactly same, flower bouquet design and cake icing may some vary.

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